The Four Best Foundations For Summer



Summer heat is hard to beat, especially with a full face of makeup on. If you’re anything like me, binge watching makeup tutorials on YouTube is a daily event. But, with the scorching summer heat now upon us, that full-coverage flawless face quickly ends up looking like paint dripping off your face.

First of all, I despise heavy, caked-up foundation. A lot of people assume that for a foundation to be full coverage, it also has to feel heavy and weigh your face down. No, no, no, no, and no. Just no.

I was determined to find foundations that could withstand summer weather like rain and 90° heat. So, after trying out tons of different foundations, high-end and drugstore, here’s the four best summer foundations you need to try:


Clinique Even Better

This lightweight, easy to apply foundation has SPF 15. It improves, evens, and corrects your skin tone while providing a decent amount of coverage. I would recommend this foundation to anyone, especially if you have sensitive skin.


Tarte Amazonian Clay

This is my current foundation and I recommend it to everyone. It works wonders for all skin types and won’t make your skin oily or over-dried. Unlike many other liquid foundations that are runny and drip, this foundation is literal perfection. It provides 12-hour full coverage and it stays in place all day because of its lightweight, mousse-like formula. I could honestly wear this foundation all day, every day, and it wouldn’t melt, smear, smudge, or move.


NARS “All Day”

This foundation’s name says it all. Green pigments in the foundation’s formula reduce and counteract redness which means no more sunburn struggle. Trust me, I know the struggle of getting sunburnt, putting on makeup, and looking like a cakey tomato. It’s not the cutest look. This foundation also defeats dull skin by leaving you with a luminous glow. Say hello to 16 hours of amazing skin.


Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

Simple, easy, and to the point. It’s a BB cream which means it’s serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation, concealer, and sunblock all in one product. This is my go-to for a day at the beach or any time I don’t need a lot of coverage.


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