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Vineyard Vines Women’s Shep Shirt

I’ve wanted a Shep shirt for the longest time. The first time I saw one, I knew I needed one in my life. One day I was at Nordstrom and there they were, laid out perfectly on the display table in the middle of the store. Time stopped and everything around me seemed to disappear; I was in love. As I picked up the one I had pinned countless times on my Pinterest board (which you can follow here), I looked at the price, looked at my wallet, and then looked at the door as I proceeded to walk away. That three-digit number on the price tag had tears streaming down my face but I had to compose myself because the saleswoman at the Clinique counter was staring and things were getting awkward…

I thought I’d never get around to buying one until Vineyard Vines had a sale sent from God over Memorial Day weekend. They were offering an extra 40% off all clearance items. There, about half-way down the first page, was my beloved Shep shirt. How much you might ask? Well, my grand total came out to $62.99. Yep, that’s 50% off the normal price (for those of you like me who are to busy daydreaming of shoes to do math). Now this was a buy I couldn’t walk away from. And to congratulate myself on the sweet deal, I took advantage of Vineyard Vines’ free gift wrap.

Let me just tell you, this Shep shirt surpassed all my expectations. It’s incredibly soft, pretty lightweight, and it’s very well made. I got mine in gray (Hold up. Does anyone else have the internal battle of “gray or grey”?) so it will go with a lot of different things.

Another Shep shirt that I love is this one and it’s under $100 too!

– Sophia

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2 Responses
  • Brooke
    June 7, 2016

    It’s gorgeous! I’ve wanted a shep shirt for the longest time but I’ve always been afraid to pull the trigger. I can’t believe I missed the Memorial Day sale – I would have totally gotten a shep shirt!

    XO, Brooke

    • Sophia
      June 7, 2016

      You totally should get one!

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